A Night at St. Albans Sanitarium
    Friday, July 18th **9pm EST / 8pm CST / 6pm PST

    Join us LIVE tonight and Investigate along with Anthony and Luci! Call into the show to participate!

    (661) 244-9831

    St. Albans Sanatorium in Radford, Virginia is reputed to be one of the most haunted sites on the East Coast, and for good reason: the very soil it rests on has a grim and horrific history.

    We’ll be investigating this very active location….and we invite you to be with part of the night without leaving the comfort of your own home!!! Our listeners have participated in our past live investigations and it has been great! We expect tonight will be even better!

    SHOW LINK: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/paranormalreview/2014/07/19/a-night-at-st-albans-sanitarium

  3. Next Friday night….we’ll be investigating St Albans Sanitarium!!! Are you brave enough to take part?

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  5. A Night At St. Albans Sanitarium

    Friday, July 18th

    **9pm EST / 8pm CST / 6pm PST

    Join us LIVE and Investigate along with Anthony and Luci! (661) 244-9831

    St. Albans Sanatorium in Radford, Virginia is reputed to be one of the most haunted sites on the East Coast, and for good reason: the very soil it rests on has a grim and horrific history.

    Once occupied by several indigenous tribes before European settlers moved in, the ground was soaked with blood in the “Draper’s Meadow Massacre” of 1775, and bore witness to brutal Civil War battles a century later.

    The horrors apparently didn’t end when the St. Albans Boys School was built on the site in 1892, as suggested by stories of multiple student suicides – though none of those were officially recorded.

    In 1916, St. Albans was converted to a hospital for the mentally ill, overseen by Doctor J.C. King. While the Sanatorium was known for its modern and revolutionary treatment techniques, some of the experimental procedures – including early shock and water therapies – proved fatal for some patients. There were also several more suicides in the hospital, and this time they were properly documented by Dr. King and others.

    Even long after the hospital closed its doors, the horrors continued: the murder of Gina Renee Hall occurred near the hospital grounds in 1980.

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    SHOW LINK: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/paranormalreview/2014/07/19/a-night-at-st-albans-sanitarium


  6. There were so many questions that came up from tonight’s topic…beliefs in both religion and the paranormal sometimes run very parallel…or do they? Can you follow your religion and be a paranormal investigator? Listen and form your own opinion.



    We brought up this alleged possible scam on our 6/13 show discussing some of the controversies and issues within the paranormal field. TODAY - Michelle Belanger posted her resignation from the tour and ALSO added that long time supporters of PRS Chris Edwards and Elfie Music also resigned from PRS this month. The breakdown of this group and the lack of communication and refunds is leading everyone to think only one thing. It may be time for the courts to get involved. You be the judge. Here’s Ms. Belanger’s post from today:

    Conversations with the Dead

    It’s Tuesday, July 8th, and the Conversations with the Dead Tour was rescheduled for this month. After Chip Coffey had to bow out of the tour, Chris Edwards handled rescheduling and I was asked to fill in for Chip.

    The tour sounded like fun, and I haven’t been traveling as much as I used to. A lot of fans really wanted to see me. I’ve cut down on appearances so I could focus on my writing (my new fiction novel, Conspiracy of Angels, is due out through Titan Publishing next year), but I felt like I could swing a month on the road.

    But … it is Tuesday, July 8th. I have no plane tickets, no hotel reservations, no idea what the plan is supposed to be. That’s not for lack of asking. That’s just how things stand.

    I’m pretty darned easy-going when it comes to schedules and such. I used to tour on a shoe-string budget with a metal band - I’ve learned to adapt by the seat of my pants. But with the new book series and everything else that is going on in my life right now, I had to give an ultimatum: there is no way I will be able to participate in the Conversations with the Dead Tour if the dates get rescheduled again.

    I know my friends from PRS have a great deal of things going on in their lives - I probably know more than most. But there comes a time when one must admit that their life is too chaotic to responsibly make commitments — especially with other peoples’ money. And I won’t continue to enable that.

    I am very sorry I won’t be seeing those of you who signed up for the tour. Please understand that I was asked to come along as a guest, and I have had neither involvement nor access to the business, administrative, nor monetary side of things. So should you need clarifications on rescheduling, refunds, or what exactly is going on, you will have to reach out to Ryan and/or Serge.

    As a side note, Chris Edwards was previously handling most of that contact, but Chris Edwards and Eilfie Music have both resigned from PRS as of this month. By the terms of their contracts, they cannot even respond to emails you may send them on this or PRS-related issues. Please respect that.

    Thank you all for your patience during the time in which I had no updates or solid answers for you on the matter of this tour — and thank you all for continuing to understand that I won’t be able to offer any further insight into the circumstances and reasons beyond this public statement. All those details are for Ryan and Serge to share, if or when they are able.

    — M
  10. TONIGHT Friday, July 11th
    10pm EST / 9pm CST / 7pm PST

    The Role of Religion in the Paranormal w/Noah Tysick

    SHOW LINK: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/paranormalreview/2014/07/12/the-role-of-religion-in-the-paranormal-wnoah-tysick