2. Paranormal Review Radio: Everything Paranormal…BUT the Haunted kitchen…

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  3. Paranormal Review Radio: St. Albans Sanatorium Evidence Reveal Show

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  4. Twitter & Facebook After Death? Your Online Digital Afterlife

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  5. Did Anthony survive tonight’s show? Find out what happened when he read “Tomino’s Hell”….did the curse of the poem happen? If that isn’t enough…haunted locations….what the land where you live may hold and are the Greys conducting experiments underground in New Mexico? Did i really get fired from the show?

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  6. Chat room is OPEN!!
    Tell us your haunted story tonight! 10pm ET/7pm PT

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  8. Everything Paranormal…BUT the Haunted kitchen sink!

    We are sorry to announce but our guest for this Friday’s show had to cancel. We will still have an awesome show for you all. Check out the invite for more info:



  10. UFO Attacks Radio Station LIVE ON AIR…MUST Watch!!! Aliens are Real!

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